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*Dogs must be leashed at all times, except in the pet friendly camp area (should be tied if they are a nuisance to your neighbors)

*Dogs are not allowed inside the barn, on the patio areas, inside the Food Truck area, or near the stages.

*There will be designated areas at both stages for attendees and their dogs.

*There will be a designated camping area for anyone bringing their dogs to the festival. Leash rule here is up to owner and your camping neighbors.

*You must pick up after your dog and we will have a zero tolerance rule in force for nuisance or aggressive animals. You will have the option to take your pet home and return or simply leave and not return

You can bring a chair, empty water bottle, small snacks, and personal belongings in one small backpack or bag into the stage area (bags may be searched upon entry or at anytime while in the main stage area).

You may NOT bring weapons, alcohol, coolers, canopies, tents, food, glass containers, umbrellas, or vehicles into the village (the above items are allowed in camping areas with the exception of weapons ~ NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS ~ IF YOU HAVE ANY TYPE  OF FIREARM PERMIT IT IS NOT VALID ON THIS PROPERTY ~ ZERO TOLERANCE

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